Additional Services

Our services, if the photo already exists, but you want it to look better:

Do you know that situation, that you have a photo you like, but want it to look a bit better or different? Maybe it is too bright and you would like to have it more as close up? You want a different background or in different shades or colors. Or you have some old photos from family or friends and would like to have them “modernized” and refreshed?

That is a Service, what we can do in addition to taking photos.
See in the boxes below the differences between Editing and Retouching, so you know that everything is specific work, needs specific programs and tools, and is not done in a few minutes.
Therefore, we need to know what you want to determine our time effort, and can not set starting prices.
Please ask per Email or Contact form for individual pricing.

Old vs. New
(black&white to colored)
Original vs. Edited
(light / color corrections)
Original vs. Retouched
(changing the photo to a new one)