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We come to you – you don’t have to come to us!

Special offer March / April 2024

Spring Time is here
– Blue Bonnets / Senior Pictures / Wild West Project

We are your “Mobile Photographers” !

No, our service has nothing to do with “Mobile” photography,
aka “mobile device” photography !
We just take lifestyle, branding, or event photos in someone’s home or on a specific selected location. Lifestyle portraits aren’t posed in the traditional sense and do not need a specific environment.
We can bring some studio equipment and adjust our camera settings to let your photo look “studio like”.
If you have an event, we offer onsite photography and print photos direct on location for you and your guest as souvenir.

What we call Mobile photographer means plain and simple
“We do our services on YOUR location”.

Convenience vs Quality – This is the big difference

“Mobile” photography
“Mobile” photography is on the first thought most interpreted as taking photos with a “mobile device”. To name it: a smartphone camera.
Sure, a phone is “mobile”, and it is super convenient, because you have it always and everywhere with you, and you can take your photos whenever and wherever you want. But being honest: smart phones can today a lot, but “Selfies” or ‘Snap shots” never reach the high quality of a photo taken by a professional photographer!


Mobile “Photographer”
(Convenience + Quality)
Mobile “photographers” means not that we take photos with our phones! For us it means being flexible and not fixed on a location or studio.
We use for sure good digital cameras, flash, additional lights, etc., but we come to you (or your prioritized location) You do not come to our studio – we make your home the studio! So, this way is also convenient for you because you stay in your comfort zone, and in addition, you get high quality pictures with your personal touch!


The costs for our MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE depends on you!
(no worries… we have affordable fix hourly price and travel flat rate).
It differs from client to client, by YOUR specific wishes and needs.
Therefore, we do not give fixed prices here. The prices will always be customized as location and driving distance, photo and set equipment, and/or desired props will be needed. So, our effort has to be calculated for every booking separate and in advance.
We are usually available on most evenings and weekends, have reliable cars and “mobile” equipment for various indoor ans outdoor sets.
Please understand, that – even if we are very flexible – a session should be scheduled ca. 4 weeks in advance, so that you and we can plan accordingly.

For a preliminary consultation and a first non-binding quote, please contact us !

Special offer September / October 2023

Oktoberfest – Celebration of German Heritage!