boutique photography

Client Service instead “Shoot and burn” photography

Boutique Photography???

You ask what this means?
Sure! It’s not a very common therm in today’s photography world of fast Mini Sessions, digital images only and prices as low as possible !

No, this is not misspelled for Boudoir Photography!
And no, it has also nothing to do with photographing in boutiques or exclusive shops!
Well, maybe a bit!

What we call Boutique photography means plain and simple “exclusive and extra services before, and after taking the photos”.

Let’s explain this in a simple way:
It’s a bit comparable with choosing

The Drive-Through Experience:
You want a fast, cheap snack, which is not very healthy, and it’s gone and forgotten after you trow the paper bag away, that is what most photographers offer. Fast one-time photo-shoot to a more or less low price, with a bunch of photos to download or on a USB stick. And then, the pictures get “lost and buried” on a folder somewhere in your computer. You may pick a few for your social media or website, and usually that’s it. No deeper pre-caring, no additional performance. You may or may not print a few pictures on your own, but most times you don’t. May be you don’t need or want it, you just forget it after a while, or you have simply no time…


The Restaurant Experience:
You want a nice Dinner, maybe for a special occasion, and order a table in your favorite Steakhouse or a noble restaurant possibly weeks in advance. You know, you’ll get seated by a waiter who cares about your whole party. You order a la carte with a nicely designed menu. The waiter serves the matching wine to the meat, which is cooked to the point with matching sides, maybe you eat an additional dessert or drink a cocktail. You sit there for hours and pay a lot of money for the meal, the pleasant ambience, the nice view etc. and, of course, the service e.g. the personal waiter. You respect the value in the nice dinner, so same would it be with photography!

So now, what’s the point:
You want fast photos, for a cheep price, and then most will be lost and forgotten. Ok, you can have that! Is usually not our claim. We can do that too, but maybe you should look for other photographers.

You want nice photos which you can show your family, hang or place in your home or office? You want a special piece of art e.g. a nice print in a matching frame, matching to the style and colors of the room, a canvas print as a present?
Then our “Boutique photography Service” is your point!

Individual Wall Art

Canvas Prints…

Framed Images…

Individual Jewellery …

… handcrafted for you

Graduation Gifts & Packages

Individual Gifts…

Bracelets, Key Chains…

Individual Calendars

Chose your theme

Framed Prints

Photo books

Canvas Prints

Retouching / Coloring old photos

see more examples …

We per-care and communicate with you about your needs and expectations.

For what do you want the photos?
Family picture to be placed in your living room, or as present for parents or siblings?

Which style and colors do you prefer?
If you have a vintage styled room, a modern art photo with modern frame may not match. If your walls are blue, the clothes you should wear should be per-selected to match that.

You have some old pictures and wish they wouldn’t be in black and white?
Well, we can retouch and re-colore them and give them a new look for your wall or family gallery!

Finally, which size should the picture have and should it be a canvas or framed print or something else?
All these points play a big role in how the photo should be taken and how they should look like.

So, from us, you will not get a ton of post-processed high-resolution photos just to download.

You will get very well per-selected pieces of art!

We do not let you alone with the selection, printing, and framing.
We also create photo books or other prints.
You get the whole service !
And if needed, we also help with hanging or installing of the art works!

Modern vs. Vintage

Analog / Film Photography

Vintage vs. Modern


As you may understand, this BOUTIQUE PHOTO SERVICE will not be as cheap as a “fast session” for digital images only.
It differs from client to client, by YOUR specific needs and the final product you want.
Therefore, we can not give fixed prices here. The prices will always be customized as photo set, post-processing, frames, printing costs for large sizes or special styles, and also our effort have to be calculated for every booking separate and in advance.
So please understand too, that a Boutique Photo session has to be planned and scheduled minimum 4 weeks in advance, so that we can find the best options for you.

For a preliminary consultation and a first non-binding quote, please contact us or fill out our questionnaire!