An important factor in photographing people, products, or all other events or projects is communication.
We want to take care of you as a customer individually. No shoots are done without detailed preliminary discussions. We always make an appointment in advance to get to know each other personally and to discuss wishes and ideas. Of course, an accompanying person can be brought along to the preliminary talk and the shoot.
With us, you, your brand, your products, and your ideas and needs are in the foreground, and not we as photographers.
Every person is beautiful, and we see our task in photographing you beautifully or realizing your projects according to your ideas. You will feel comfortable and recognize yourself in the pictures.

For people’s portraits, you will receive posture and gesture coaching during the photoshoot. Of course, your ideas and wishes can and should flow into the shooting. The focus is always on fun and casual interaction with each other. If you like, we can also arrange professional makeup and hairstyling for you or help you choose and book special locations like studios or themed rooms. However, this service is associated with extra costs.

The resulting images will be provided digitally for pre-selection. (You decide, but we can help you choose the best images). After selection, the photos will be individually post-processed/retouched. You will receive the final edited and retouched images via Dropbox for download and print rights if you wish. This means you can use the images for any non-commercial use, so not for sale, but for your individual use for prints, your websites, and your social media. The copyright remains with us as photographers (as it is our creative property). We delete all unused images from our system after 3 months.