An important factor in photographing people, products, or all other events or projects is communication.
We want to take care of you as a customer individually. No shoots are done without detailed preliminary discussions. We always make an appointment in advance to get to know each other personally and to discuss wishes and ideas. Of course, an accompanying person can be brought along to the preliminary talk and the shoot.
With us, you, your brand, your products, and your ideas and needs are in the foreground and not we as photographers.
Every person is beautiful, and we see our task in photographing you beautifully or realizing your projects according to your ideas. You will feel comfortable and recognize yourself in the pictures.

For people’s portraits, you will receive posture and gesture coaching during the photoshoot. Of course, your ideas and wishes can and should flow into the shooting. The focus is always on fun and casual interaction with each other. If you like, we can also arrange professional makeup and hairstyling for you or help you choose and book special locations like studios or themed rooms. However, this service is associated with extra costs.

The resulting images will be provided digitally for pre-selection. (You decide, but we can help you choose the best images). After selection, the photos will be individually post-processed/retouched. You will receive the final edited and retouched images via Dropbox for download and print rights if you wish. This means you can use the images for any non-commercial use, so not for sale, but for your individual use for prints, your websites, and your social media. The copyright remains with us as photographers (as it is our creative property). We delete all unused images from our system after 3 months.

How will we get along?

We conclude a service agreement that can be terminated immediately by either party at any time. In addition, we conclude a confidentiality agreement, an order processing agreement and a declaration of consent.

Don't worry, this sounds worse than it actually is.

What does our service cost you?

You can find the respective prices in the corresponding service descriptions.

How will we communicate?

I am available to you via WhatsApp and email, but also by phone if needed. Online meetings via Zoom or Skype phone calls are also possible without any problems.

How do we handle oure sessions?

1. For the first contact, please use our Contact form or quote forms and let us know what you are interested in. We do not use the Phone option because we think it is easier if you send us what you need or expect, so we have a first "vision."

2. In a second step, we will send you our quote for your photo shoot and arrange a free meeting. This appointment can be by phone, online, or in person.

3. As a third step, we would meet in person at a location of your choice. This may be at your home, a restaurant, or the location where you want to shoot. During this meeting, we can talk about the What, Where, When, and How, we will show you some examples of our work, and then we will create a short plan about the shooting.

4. In a fourth step, we meet for an arranged photo shoot and spend a fantastic time together creating your dream photos. You'll be in the spotlight, and everything will be about you. You will view the photos directly on our tablets to tell us what you like and don't like in real-time).

5. In the fifth step, you will receive the proofs. Once you have selected your favorites, the editing/retouching begins. In everything we do, we strive for the best of the best, especially in the editing phase.
The result will be impeccable images of you.

Mobile photographers - what does it mean?

We work as mobile photographers mainly on location, indoors or outdoor.
This means we come to you and photograph you at home, at a public location of your choice, or in your company.
We also have a mobile photo studio with studio lighting and a background system that we can use for this purpose.

Does kuehne-photo.com use my photos?

The use of the images on our part for social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, as well as for a publication on our website, takes place only after prior consultation and, in principle, only with your written consent via a model release form. Please let us know before the shooting if you want to object to our publication of your photos in principle.

Printing rights / Copyrights

You can purchase the legal rights to print your images in any way you choose.

Please note that KUEHNE PHOTOGRAPHY is the rightful copyright owner of all images taken and sold by us. The original copyright remains with the photographer. The photos may be printed but not altered or edited in any way other than by the photographer, and alterations violate the copyright.

Proper recognition of KUEHNE PHOTOGRAPHY is appreciated and requested when publishing photos and using them online (for example posting on social media).