lifestyle & brand photography

Our main Focus lies here on
Branding photography
as a visual representation of who you are
personally and professionally.
It is today the main form of advertising and elevating your business.

Authentic and professional images help to tell the story of your brand.

We’ll capture you in a way you are or as your business is represented, and provide beautiful and appealing images that your clients can relate to.


Lifestyle and Brand Photography is often interpreted in the same way. It has many similarities, but it is still different anyway. The “Personal Brand” includes, or better influences the Lifestyle, and your personal Lifestyle influences your Brand image. It’s inseparable.

Lifestyle photography
mainly aims to capture portraits of people in private situations, on real-life events, or on milestones in life. It is capturing stories about people’s private lives and styles, and to inspire people in an artistic manner, so for you as private person, family, friends, events and milestones like e.g. birthdays, etc. It is less “nice posing” but more about capturing “realistic activities”, depends on your interests, the right location, and the reason for what the pictures are taken.


Brand photography
is more related to a business.
It’s primary a photography genre for you as an Entrepreneur and business person, to visually represent who you are personally and professionally. It is meanwhile a main form of advertising and it elevates your business. Authentic and professional images help to tell the story of your brand, and your clients can relate to. Since your personal (Life)Style will always be a part of you, the Brand is also always influenced by it.

So the point here is…
We’ll capture you in a way you are or as your business is represented, and provide beautiful and appealing images that you and your family and friends can enjoy or your clients can relate to. 

Lifestyle Photography

Real-life Individuals and family portraits:
It’s not a fully pre-planed photo shooting, it captures fun or everyday situations. So there will be no (or only minimal) Posing, but Movement, Activity, and Emotions…

(Personal) Brand Photography

Personal Branding is today, in the Online and Social media age, more important the ever. People and customers want to connect and know who is behind a name, brand or business. And here comes the Head-shot and Branding Photography into the game. Head-shots are still often the key to remember a person or to build trust, and Brand photos show the real person and a story behind a business or
It’s not only for Entrepreneurs and small business owners, but for everyone. And sometimes it also helps to see yourself more positive with a good photo.

Head shots
are usually known as portraits, focusing is on a person’s face, and are mostly used for profile images e.g. on websites, social media, or on promotion and publicity materials. A good photo helps to connect, to show your confidence, and to stand out.

Do you have employee’s? Head shots can also showcase their personality and create a consistent, on-brand look for your organization.

Andrea: “We understand under “today’s Head shot” more than simply a straight face picture in front of a clean plain backdrop. For us, a Head Shot Session includes also different cropped photos, e.g. somewhere in the middle of the torso, and also full body pictures. This shows a person more realistic and give the image more personality”


As you may understand, our LIFESTYLE & BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY will be based on your ideas and needs.
It differs from client to client, by YOUR specific needs and ideas.
Therefore, we can not give fixed prices here. The prices will always be customized as photo set and location, post-processing, or special style images. Our “Simple Services” start usually at 399 $ for 1.5-2 hours photo session, but our effort has to be calculated for every booking separate and in advance.
So please understand too, that a Lifestyle & Photo session has to be planned and scheduled minimum 2 weeks in advance, and needs definitive ly your assistance in preparation and your cooperation. so that we can together find the best spots and styles for you!

Our Lifestyle & Brand Sessions include:

Small Brand Session starts at:
– $ 399 (Retainer: $200) –

Small Headshot Session starts at:
– $ 150 (Retainer: $50) –

Please use the contact form or email to make an appointment, get a quote, or talk about the kind of session you want and ask questions.