We are a
“Mother & Daughter Team”
with a passion for photography.
Coming originally from Germany, we live since 2019 in ATX, and are a family of three.
While we “ladies” care about taking photos, editing, and marketing, “the man in the house” cares about our equipment, driving, and the business behind the fun.
We love traveling around the world, hiking and outdoor activities, and the Texan Lifestyle!

Hi, I’m Celina-Marie
I was born with a passion for photography.

I got my first camera at the age of 5 and started taking pictures of everything around me. Later, under my grandfather’s influence, I started photographing plants and animals, which made me more interested in photography.
During my time at Austin High School, Austin (TX), I took then classes in Graphic Design, Art, and Commercial Photography. I learned as a photo manager for the school newspaper and yearbook, how to use photography in print and social media. I also won a few awards in some Texas photography contests.
Now, I study Photography and Media Arts at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX.

During an Internship and working as a photographer’s assistant for a photographer in Austin, TX, I got my first on-the-job experience, which brought me to the point to work with my mother as a mobile photographer.

I love to capture photos of Animals and Pets, Still life, Food, and Events, and I have a fable for Fantasy Portraits.

I’m also creating my own art projects. These are on my personal portfolio page kuehne-art.com



Hi, I’m Andrea
I love it to capture the special moment.

Already in my youth, I was very active in photography, and I learned the basics around 25 years ago. During these years, I captured many exciting places on my travels, focusing on buildings, historical places, and landscapes.
In Germany, I worked for many years as an architect, combining design, drafting, architecture, and graphic design. 3D visualization to photo-realistic images and Architecture photography.
While working as an Event manager, I could also take amazing pictures, e.g. from Concerts, festivals, and Weddings.

After a long “abstinence”, my passion for photography came back when my daughter dived deeper into professional photography, and since living in the USA and visiting so many interesting places full of color, culture, and scenic landscapes, I now have my camera with me wherever I go.

My special preference is Brand Photography, and I love portraying “uncommon people” because I want to capture personality, not a “pretty image” only. So my motto is:
Not everyone is a supermodel, but every person is beautiful in their own way.

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