Seniors & Graduation

Graduating from Highshool or College is a big step in your life!
Celebrate this for yourself and get some memories before you start a new stage of life.
We love to capture these memories for you !

Choose a time and locations that are meaningful to your school experience, a place you like, or ask for our Location guide. Put some outfits together that make you special and in which you feel comfortable. And then: lets capture this special time!

Our packages are available in the metro region of Austin, TX, but we also travel to special locations in the surrounding areas.
Contact us about our travel rates.

What makes us different from other Senior Photographers ?

“Since I’m also just graduated from Highshool, I know how it feels to be a Senior! It’s a super special and amazing time. So I can see things with your eyes, know about the styles and tastes of young people, and so I can put myself in your shoes.
It feels strange to stay or pose in front of a camera, especially in front of a strange person. Therefore, it may feel more comfortable for you to get the photos taken by me as I’m of about the same age

“As a mother of a teenager, I know that this Senior time is something super special for you.

You are “ready to leave the nest”, you are proud of your achievements. So just show it!
And we also know about all the diversity! So don’t be shy!
You do not have to be a Super model! Just be yourself! Wear whatever you like, chose a location you love, play your music! We like that you are the way you are!”

Cap & Gown

You want some Gap & Gown photos only, showing your achievements?
Then this package is the one for you!

Small Senior/ Graduation Session  
– $150 (Retainer: $50) –

Senior Photos

Want some photos that capture your personality?
We would capture photos of the person you are! Dress as you like it, feel free to be you!
Check out our favorite locations, choose a park, your favorite sports club, street, room, or any other place you’d love or you feel connected too!

High School / College Senior Sessions 
– $500 (Retainer: $100) –